EspooCult Fact Sheet 2: Culture and cross-sectoral cooperation

Cupore Fact Sheet 5

The EspooCult Fact Sheet 2 explores the realisation of cross-sectoral cooperation in the City of Espoo. The EspooCult project interviewed City of Espoo staff and office-holders working at various sectors and studied strategic and administrative documents.

Cross-sectoral development programmes are a central tool whereby to engage in cooperation within the City. The study shows that, in the work of City employees, the programmes are distant from everyday work and objectives. Core operations leave no time or resources for cross-sectoral cooperation. Based on the study interviews, an individual person may hinder or promote the building of cooperation and trust. In addition, employees often have an established idea of the contents and limits of their own work. This makes it difficult to adopt new operating models.

The study shows that, in order to promote cross-sectoral cooperation, we need new network-like structures and methods, various funding instruments, expertise in strategic development, opening of premises for shared use, dialogue, involving different stakeholder groups and residents in processes, and more.

EspooCult Fact Sheet 2: Culture and cross-sectoral cooperation
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