Evidence for the Future – A Review of the Finnish Copyright System

The copyright system is a complex balance of sometimes opposed, sometimes converging interests, and it comprises many actors, policies, processes and rules. Its success in achieving its goals will depend on its capacity to respond to various needs and adapt to the evolution of cultural and societal processes. In order to meet these challenges, Cupore published in 2016 a methodology framework for a systematic assessment of national copyright and related rights systems.

The current publication assembles and analyzes the results of the pilot studies conducted in 2013–2015 to implement the methodology in Finland. The goal is to offer a general review of the Finnish copyright system’s operation and performance, present it in a compact form, and conclude with a list of recommendations for improvements. Additionally, the same information is used to apply the tools developed by Cupore for assessing governance in the context of copyright systems in order to verify whether public authorities’ organizational structure and actions comply with generally accepted principles of good governance.

The executive summary of the publication is available here.

Jukka Kortelainen, Nathalie Lefever & Tiina Kautio: Evidence for the Future – A Review of the Finnish Copyright System. Cupore webpublications 48.

ISBN: 978-952-7200-29-2 (pdf), ISSN: 1796-9263 (pdf)


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