Local government cultural provisions in financial figures, pilot study

English summary

In  2007,  the  Association  of  Finnish  Local  and  Regional  Authorities  carried  out  a  pilot  project  together  with  Finnish  local  authorities  to  collect  data  on  cultural  functions  in  municipalities.  The  objective  was  to  find  out  how  much  money  local  authorities  spend  on  culture  and  to  examine  the  service  structure  of  the  department  of  cultural  services. In  the  project,  the  financial  key  figures  for  expenditure  and  revenues  in  art  and  culture  were collected and the prerequisites for a more extensive and regular data collection were examined. The project was carried out as a survey covering the basic structures of cultural functions  and  economic  data  based  on  the  2006  final  accounts.  For the purposes  of  the  project, libraries were mostly not included in cultural functions.


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