Participation in cultural events and creative leisure activities in Espoo

EspooCult Fact Sheet 3

The third fact sheet of the EspooCult research project looks into participation in cultural events and creative leisure activities in the city of Espoo. The data in the fact sheet are from the Leisure Survey 2017 carried out by Statistics Finland. The fact sheet presents comparisons regarding cultural participation between residents of Espoo, Finland’s general population and Finland’s five other largest cities (Helsinki, Tampere, Vantaa, Oulu and Turku). The fact sheet also examines internal differences within the city’s different demographic groups and major areas.

With its average, Espoo ranks among Finland’s top cities for cultural participation. For a large part of the population the situation looks good, but in Espoo, too, cultural participation is affected by language, age and socioeconomic status. There are also considerable differences between the city’s major areas. The differences between the regions can be explained by e.g. the location of cultural institutions and differences in demographic structure

Espoo residents attended in 2017 most often movies, concerts and art exhibitions. The least attended cultural event was opera. In Espoo women and men visit cultural events in equal numbers, whereas elsewhere in Finland there is a clear difference. People of all ages attend movies in Espoo. 64 % of the residents aged 65–74, and 37 % of the res­idents aged 75 or over, had been to the movies. In Espoo there are fewer people than elsewhere in Finland who have not attended any cultural event during the past 12 months. Manual skills are clearly the single most popular creative leisure activity in Espoo.

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