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Gender Equality in Film Production

  • Duration of the project: 2016 — 2017
  • Publications : 1

The research project looks into gender equality in Finnish film production. First a statistical analysis in made on how financing for film production is distributed between the genders in Finland. The analysis includes public support for film production (from the Finnish Film Foundation and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland), support granted by the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK and film purchases of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE.

In addition to the statistical analysis, interviews will be conducted to assess the mechanisms behind financial negotiations for film production. The number of female feature film directors is still small in Finland and it has been suggested that it is more difficult for female directors to obtain funding. Interviews will include both female filmmakers and the gate-keepers making the funding decisions to assess how gender impacts these negotiations. From the data and interviews, recommendations for action will be drawn. In addition, the research project will present comparative information on how gender equality is promoted in other countries.

The research results will be published in Finnish in Cupore’s publication series.

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