The evaluation of the operational subsidies of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Cupore evaluated the operational subsidies for art communities allocated by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike). Taike is an expert agency under the Ministry of Education and Culture. Taike allocates approximately 35 million euros in grants and subsidies each year. The planning stage of the research project began in autumn 2017 and the actual research was carried out during the years 2018 and 2019. The final report with recommendations was published in March 2020. The evaluation aimed to develop tools and indicators for Taike to follow its subsidy processes, allocations and the impacts of the operational funding among different art fields and stakeholders. In addition, the project contributed to the overall development of the governmental subsidy policies of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture / the Arts Promotion Centre.

Taike’s operational subsidies were intended to support the ongoing operations of communities in different fields of the arts, such as associations, foundations, co-operatives and companies. The objective of operational subsidies was to support the livelihoods and employment of artists, as well as to diversify the conditions for performing artistic and other creative work. This evaluation focused on the allocations made during the period 2013–2019 and combined the perspectives of process evaluation and summative evaluation.

Arts Promotion Centre Finland operational subsidies:

Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture funding of arts and culture based on government transfers: 

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