Center for Cultural Policy Research is the cultural policy research expert body in Finland. Cupore produces and disseminates research and information on arts and cultural policy and acts as a forum for discussion and debate on cultural policy issues both in Finland and internationally. In its operations, Cupore complies with the ethical principles of research in the humanities and social and behavioral sciences and strives for good research data management practises.

Here you will find concise information and available materials in English on Cupore's current and completed research projects. The majority of our research and publications are in Finnish. For more information on our projects, contact Cupore's researchers. For a full picture of the amount and variety of our projects, please have a look at our Finnish research pages.


Current projects

Creative and cultural industries & production of cultures

This theme includes projects that deal with for example the operational environment of arts and culture, cultural ecology, foresight, skills and competencies, copyright and creative industries mapping and analysis.

Financing and governance

Projects under this theme include research on financing and governance of arts and culture, for example the structures of cultural administration and financing, political direction, the impacts of financing and governance or the follow-up and evaluation of changes in financing and governance.

Cultural rights and participation

This theme includes topics such as equality, cultural rights and cultural participation, having to do with for example equality in relation to arts and cultural financing of different groups or equality impact assessment of policies and measures.

Indicators, impacts and tools

Developing cultural policy evaluation in theory and practice is one of the main research interests of Cupore. Projects include the evaluation of the impacts of different cultural policies and measures and the evaluation of transformations in culture and related policy.