The impacts of digitalization on culture and cultural policy

Cupore is developing a new project on the impacts of digitalization on culture and cultural policies. The project will concentrate on two wider strands of enquiry:  

  • The development and use of digital technologies and digital media on producing, disseminating and consuming culture, especially digital products and services and the role of social media in the field of culture
  • Big data and open data – new data, analysis and methodologies for cultural policy research, policy development, monitoring and evaluation, including practical applications on data mining

Both strands will include a desk research phase and international comparative research. The aim is to form a basis for a larger research project on digitalization with different partners.

Cupore is also developing the Center's own open data and data management principles during 2017.


Anna Kanerva
Anna Kanerva Senior Researcher, MA, MSSc

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Marjo Mäenpää
Marjo Mäenpää Director, PhD

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Maria Hirvi-Ijäs
Maria Hirvi-Ijäs Erikoistutkija

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Nathalie Lefever
Nathalie Lefever Researcher

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