Within visual arts in Finland, the structures for working and distribution have often been found to be weaker than in other art fields. In 2022, Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore will carry out a study that aims to provide a general view of the visual arts field and its development. The study includes visual arts, photography, media art, illustration and cartoon.

The study approaches visual arts from a systemic perspective. The actors and their functions are understood as interactive and interdependent networks that are broad, multifaceted and constantly changing. These networks are connected to other societal sectors. In this way, the vitality of the visual arts system is a part of the cultural, societal and economic development of the society.

The study is conducted by senior researchers Maria Hirvi-Ijäs, Sari Karttunen and Sakarias Sokka and researchers Vappu Renko and Emmi Lahtinen.   

Sakarias Sokka
Sakarias Sokka Senior Researcher

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Maria Hirvi-Ijäs
Maria Hirvi-Ijäs Senior Researcher

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Sari Karttunen
Sari Karttunen Senior Researcher

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Vappu Renko
Vappu Renko Researcher

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Emmi Lahtinen
Emmi Lahtinen Researcher

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