Oona Myllyntaus

Project Manager, MA, AE
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Oona Myllyntaus

I work as a project manager at Cupore for an European Social Fund supported Creative Expertise project titled Solutions for the integration of art into construction projects (2018–2020). Cupore’s research project investigates public art production in construction projects over the last decades both in Finland and internationally as well as develops indicators for evaluating the impacts of art from economic, aesthetic, and social dimensions. The research results can be applied in urban planning to improve the quality of urban environments by linking creative design to public and private construction projects.  

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Art Education from the University of Jyväskylä (Master’s programme for Nordic Arts and Culture Studies, art history). I am also preparing a doctoral thesis in Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki’s Doctoral programme of School, Education, Society and Culture. In my doctoral dissertation the focus is on Nordic public art from the perspective of learning and learning environments. My recent research interests include development of thinking skills, school design, and questions of applied aesthetics.


Scientific publications

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Other publications

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Professional expertise

Graduate level research expertise in the fields of arts, culture and educational sciences

- In arts and culture studies, I have specialized in Nordic arts, public art, and urban art. I am also acquainted with research areas and contemporary phenomena in art education. 

- My background in educational sciences covers pedagogy, artistic and practical subjects as well as contents and methods of adult education. I co-taught the doctoral course Visual Research Methodologies in Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki in 2019.

I have worked as an executive director of Association of Art Teachers in Finland. In the area of contemporary art I have worked as a project secretary for the development project of contemporary art education supported by Finnish National Agency for Education and have done audience research for an art foundation in Finland, for example. I have done the examination of one Master’s thesis for Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and served as a peer reviewer in the Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society.

Recent assignment of trust

Representing PhD candidates of the University of Helsinki in the Ethical Review Board in the Humanities and Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki (2020–)

Promoting children's and young people's art and culture through the Advisory board of art centre for children and young people in Hyvinkää (2015–2018)

Continuing education

Pedagogical studies for subject teachers, specialization in adult education (2013–2014)

Expertise in art and culture entrepreneurship acquired through my startup and Aalto PRO's entrepreneurial program of professional development (2011–2012) 

Specialization studies in communication and information sciences. International cultural producer (2004)