As an artist in Finland: Professional artists in Finland in 2019

Cupore Fact Booklet 6

Professional artists are a central focus of arts and culture policy in Finland. This fact booklet provides information about Finland’s professional artists in 2019. The information has been compiled by Cupore, the Center for Cultural Policy Research, as part of the research project “As an artist in Finland”.

The purpose of the research is to compile information about professional artists in various fields of the arts in order to support policies regarding the arts and artists, as well as to promote the working conditions of artists in Finland. The professional title of “artist” is an open one that cannot be defined unambiguously. We use four criteria to define the profession, which are described in the fact booklet.

“As an Artist in Finland” is based on registry research, which guides the research data, methods and knowledge base. This is so far the most comprehensive dataset about professional artists in Finland. The research project is being conducted in collaboration with the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) and Statistics Finland.

Hirvi-Ijäs, Maria, Renko, Vappu, Leppänen, Aino, Lahtinen, Emmi & Sokka, Sakarias (2023). As an artist in Finland: Professional artists in Finland in 2019. Fact Booklet 6. Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore.

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