The Capital Value of Copyright Assets in Finland

Petteri Sinervo and Timo E. Toivonen

Cupore commissioned a pilot study on the capital value of copyright assets in Finland in cooperation with the Finnish Copyright Society from Business and Innovation Development (BID), a special unit operating within the University of Turku. The assignment was to identify and describe briefly the possible methods for evaluating the capital value of copyright assets, and to apply the most feasible of them to make an estimation of the national value of copyright assets in Finland.

The study concentrates on the repertoire which is in active use and provides an estimation of the total capital value of Finnish copyright assets. The analysis adds to the understanding of the copyright system´s functioning, and complements the data on the economic contribution of copyright-based industries and direct copyright revenue streams, published earlier in the Finnish Copyright Society’s series of publications.

ISBN 978-952-5573-38-1, ISSN 1796-9263.