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Research on the Impacts and Meanings of Finland 100

  • Duration of the project: 2020

Throughout the year 2017 Finland celebrated its 100th anniversary. The research project focuses on the meanings and impacts of the Finland 100 on the Finnish society. There has already been some brief and preliminary research on the centenary celebrations. This research project aims to provide a broader and deeper image of the centenary.

The purpose of the research project is to enable the utilization of the legacy and lessons of Finland 100 in the Finnish society also in the future. It also produces knowledge that can be resorted to in similar – although perhaps smaller-scale – cross-sectoral and hybrid cultural policy measures where various logics and contexts of different types of actors are combined.

The research project has three (theoretical) viewpoints:

1. Organization and co-operation

  • The facilitative and mediating role of Finland 100 actors and organisation
  • Organizing of the centenary activities and modes of actions
  • The distribution of funding

2. Participation

  • Citizens and the third and fourth sector as producers of cultural content
  • The (perceived) inclusion and participation of citizens in the celebrations and actions

3. National identities, images and their tensions

  • Subjective Finnish identities: acting and experiencing as citizens within the centenary celebrations
  • Building the national image of Finland: national brand marketing in the context of the centenary

The project is ordered by the Prime Minister’s Office. Cupore co-produces the project in collaboration with Owal Group Ltd and Demos Helsinki.

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