Oulu2026 evaluation research

In 2018-2022, Cupore will carry out a research and evaluation study to support the strategic development of the City of Oulu. The city of Oulu is preparing the application for the 2026 European Capital of Culture (ECoC), which is when the next title-holder will be chosen from Finland.

The research is conducted at two phases. First, the research conducted in Cupore focuses on the application process of ECoC. Second, the research project concentrates on monitoring and evaluation the impact of the ECoC year, if the city of Oulu is selected as the ECoC city in 2026.

The monitoring and evaluation research follows and supports:

  • the ECoC year application process
  • long-term culture-based urban development
  • the construction and implementation of the program conducted in ECoC year
  • the effectiveness of the ECoC actions and their contribution to the long-term development in the City of Oulu
Mervi Luonila
Mervi Luonila Senior Researcher, DMus in Arts Management

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Vappu Renko
Vappu Renko Researcher

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Marjo Mäenpää
Marjo Mäenpää Director, PhD

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Sakarias Sokka
Sakarias Sokka Senior Researcher

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Minna Ruusuvirta
Minna Ruusuvirta Senior Researcher

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Aino Leppänen Project Researcher

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