Anne Teikari

Research Assistant
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Anne Teikari

I have a M.A. in Musicology from University of Tampere, 2016. In Cupore I currently work as a research assistant in the ArtsEqual project. I'm also a composer and an enthusiastic cinephile.

As an art researcher, and with music as my main field, I’m interested in how people define art and its content in different times. This is why societal art institutions are in the focus of my attention. 

My master thesis ”Accessible live streamed concert and the new definitions of a concert institution” was about how the principle of accessibility imposed on culture politics affects perception and valuation of music as a part of an accessible concert.


Rautiainen-Keskustalo, Tarja & Raudaskoski, Sanna & Colliander, Marjukka & Pimiä, Annina & Rantanen, Anna & Teikari, Anne (2014) Moniaineksinen etäkonsertti. Neksusanalyysi musiikillisen toiminnan tutkimusmetodina (Multifaceted remote concert. Nexus analysis as a research method in musicology). Musiikki-lehti (Journal of musicology).

Teikari, Anne (2016) Saavutettava etäkonsertti ja konsertti-instituution uudet määritelmät. Pro gradu -tutkielma. Tampereen yliopisto: Viestinnän, median ja teatterin yksikkö.



"Kuin olisi keskellä kokonaista, elävää taideteosta". Equally Well -blogi 14.11.2016.ä-kokonaista-elävää-taideteosta 

Ears Open contemporary music society’s board member since 2016.

Des Bonbons, string quartet. First performance in Kokkola, Finland 24.4.2016 by Chydenius-kapelli’s string quartet.

Malja suuruuksille, joita ei ehkä synnykään, piece for eight singers. First performance in Helsinki, Finland 16.11.2016 by the singers of Grex Musicus choir. The piece got an honourable mention in the composition competition by the organization of students of musicology in the University of Helsinki.