Cross-sectoral cooperation meets the needs of a changing city – cultural actors seen as a resource and opening new viewpoints

News   14.12.2018  

The EspooCult Fact Sheet 2 has been published. It explores the realisation of cross-sectoral cooperation in the City of Espoo.  The EspooCult project interviewed City of Espoo staff and office-holders working at various sectors and studied strategic and administrative documents.

According to the research, the city of Espoo Cultural Unit’s expertise is considered important in developing residents’ participation and inclusion. Those operating in the field of culture open up new viewpoints and may thus serve as a resource for other sectors. Yet culture is only somewhat evident in the plans and actions of cross-sectoral development programmes of the city. Actors’ work processes are out of phase with each other. Indicators, funding and operations are monitored by sector and by profit centre. There are virtually no indicators monitoring cooperation and the realisation of cross-sectorality.

The two-year EspooCult research project studies the city of Espoo from the viewpoint of cultural policy research. Commissioned by the City of Espoo’s Cultural Unit and realised by Cupore, the project offers extensive and solid knowledge for the development of the city. The research project was launched in January 2018. As research progresses, a total of four fact sheets will be published at set intervals. The first fact sheet was published on 26 April 2018 and the second one on 11 December 2018.

EspooCult FactSheet 2

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