Mobility survey for artists: Barometer to shed light on the mobility of art and artists and related needs.

News   26.9.2018  

The theme of this year’s Arts and Culture Barometer is the mobility of artists and art. For the first time, the target group this year is the entire artist community in Finland. The survey aims to find out how artists perceive mobility and what it means in terms of their work as artists and the arts in general.

The survey will gather the opinions of those working in the fields of the arts, hear about their needs in terms of mobility, and to weigh their views and values in relation to art and artistic work.

The online survey is open, and artists in all fields of the arts are invited to respond. The deadline for doing so is Monday 15 October 2018.

A prize drawing for a €500 “Superlahjakortti” gift certificate will be held among respondents to the survey.

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The Arts and Culture Barometer is conducted annually by the Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore in collaboration with the the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike). This year’s mobility survey marks the fourth year of the barometer. The results will be published in March 2019, at which time a forum will be organised to discuss the theme.

2017 Young artists (Summary in English)
2016 The changing work situation for artists (Summary in English)
2015 Taiteen toimintaympäristö ja rahoitus (Only in Finnish) 

Further information:

Maria Hirvi-Ijäs, Senior Researcher
Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (Cupore)
t. +358 50 463 5575

Kaija Rensujeff, Special Advisor
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
t. +358 295 330 721

Sakarias Sokka, Senior Researcher
Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (Cupore)
t. +358 50 387 2728