Changing contractual relationships

Copyright issues in the audiovisual sector. Summary in English

The publication examines copyright agreements for the production phase of audiovisual content, with a focus on the satisfaction with contract terms and on changes in the structure of the industry. The report discusses creative workers’ and production companies’ opinions on contract terms, as well as problems related to the acquisition or licensing of rights in the audiovisual sector. It also examines how technological development has affected the earning potential of production companies and creative workers.

The research data was collected by carrying out surveys, focus group discussions and expert interviews. The results indicate that both production companies and creative workers often consider that technological development has impacted their opportunities to receive appropriate remuneration for the transfer or licensing of rights. In their experience, the amount of remuneration has not increased in proportion with the diversity of the methods of distribution and the extent of the rights transferred. The majority of creators and production companies who responded to the survey felt that they had been offered unreasonable contract terms for transfer of their rights. In addition, most production companies that responded to the survey had at least once encountered problems when acquiring rights to use a work as part of a production. The audiovisual sector was defined in the study as including the production and distribution of films, videos and television programs. At the end of the report are presented nine development proposals based on discussions held during the research which have the potential to promote the fairness of contract terms in the audiovisual sector and to solve problems related to the acquisition or licensing of rights.

An English summary is presented on p. 9–11 of the publication.

Tiina Kautio & Nathalie Lefever 2023. Sopimussuhteet muutoksessa – Audiovisuaalisen alan tekijänoikeudellisia kysymyksiä. Cuporen verkkojulkaisuja 74. Kulttuuripolitiikan tutkimuskeskus Cupore.

ISBN 978-952-7200-77-3 (pdf); ISSN 1796-9263 (pdf)

The research project on copyright issues in the audiovisual sector is part of Cupore’s assessment of the operation of the Finnish copyright system, which studies regularly changing themes. The assessment is based on a methodological framework developed at Cupore.


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