Tiina Kautio

Project Manager


I work as a Project Manager in Cupore’s copyright-related projects. My latest research has dealt for example with the effects of technological development on business models and contractual relations in the audiovisual sector, and the opinions of the Finnish public at large on the copyright system.

My work is primarily related to the development of the information base and evaluation methods to support political decision-making. I have worked at Cupore since 2007 and during this time I have implemented several research and development projects dealing with copyright policy and participated in the development of effectiveness indicators to support the development of cultural policy in Finland. My research projects have dealt with the assessment of the operation of the copyright system, the assessment of the impacts of policy measures and legislative proposals, and the development of indicators for the needs of decision-making in the fields of cultural and copyright policy. In addition to copyright issues, my interests include e.g. questions related to the livelihood of creative workers and the impacts of technological development on cultural industries.