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Copyright Issues in Education

  • Duration of the project: 2018 — 2019
  • Publications : 1

Cupore conducted a research project on copyright issues in educational activities during the years 2018 and 2019. The project examined issues related to the availability and the use of works in teaching.

The aim of the research was to gather information on topics such as
• the education on copyright issues in basic education,
• the availability of copyright-related information for teachers,
• the extent of the use of copyrighted material,
• the experiences and opinions of teachers regarding the use of copyrighted material, and
• problems related to the use of copyrighted material.

The purpose of this research was to gain new information on the level of copyright knowledge and the challenges related to the use of copyrighted material in schools for basic education.

The project was a part of the project portfolio Assessment of the Finnish Copyright System, whose purpose is to conduct a continuous assessment of the operation of the Finnish copyright system, based on annually changing themes.

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