Julkaisu Tiina Kautio

Indicators for a continuous monitoring of the operation of the Finnish copyright system

A reliable and up-to-date information base on the operation of the copyright system supports the identification of the system’s needs for development. For this purpose, continuously monitoring and evaluating the copyright system’s operation will produce coherent and clear information which will also enhance the transparency of the copyright system. Data collected in an objective manner reinforces the neutrality of decision-making.

The Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture, produced in autumn 2016 a list of indicators for a continuous assessment of the Finnish copyright system’s operation. The goal of the work was to delineate the most important indicators to support decision-making and the development of the system on the long term. The proposed set of indicators can be used to study the operation of the copyright system from different points of view. The indicators are based on the Methodology Framework for Assessing the Operation of Copyright and Related Rights Systems published by Cupore in June 2016.


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