Contractual relations in the audiovisual sector’s changing operating environment

Cupore Fact Sheet 12

Distribution channels and business models in the audiovisual industry are changing with technological development. The consumption of films and television programmes has increasingly moved online, and new technological solutions are available for the production of new works. The market is changing at a fast pace and international streaming services have entered the Finnish market. The development affects contracts in the industry: the contracts on the transfer of copyright must take into account new ways of using and publishing content.

The fact sheet provides a concise presentation of the results of Cupore’s project dealing with copyright issues in the audiovisual sector. It addresses

  • the effects of technological development and changes in the business models on copyright-related contracts for the production phase of audiovisual content
  • the viewpoints of both creative workers and audiovisual production companies regarding the fairness of contract terms in the industry, and
  • development proposals to promote the fairness of contract terms in the audiovisual sector.

More specific information about the results of the project can be found in the publication Changing contractual relationships – Copyright issues in the audiovisual sector.

The fact sheet is also available in Finnish.

Cupore assesses the operation of the Finnish copyright system on the basis of regularly changing themes. The work is based on a comprehensive methodological framework developed at Cupore.


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