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Copyright issues in the audiovisual industry

  • Duration of the project: 2022 — 2023
  • Publications : 2

The project addresses topical copyright issues in the audiovisual industry as well as the importance of copyright as an incentive for creative work and business. The goal is to study issues related to the industry's contracts, the effects of technological development, as well as the needs for the copyright system’s development.

Audiovisual productions typically employ a large number of professionals in various creative fields. Contract practices in the industry are diverse. In addition, digitalization and internationalization are changing the industry’s structure and business. Challenges related to the transfer or licensing of rights can impair the creation, production and availability of audiovisual works.

In the first phase of the project, the key development needs of the audiovisual sector were mapped using desktop research and expert interviews. After this, the study focused on copyright-related contracts in the production phase: the satisfaction of creative workers and producers with contract terms, problems related to the transfer or licensing of rights, and the effects of digitalization on copyright-related contracts. The purpose is to present development proposals in order to promote the fairness of contract terms from the perspectives of different stakeholders and to solve problems related to the acquisition or licensing of rights for audiovisual productions.

The project is implemented in 2022–2023.

The research project is part of Cupore’s continuous assessment of the Finnish copyright system. The goal is to increase the transparency of the copyright system, add to the general understanding of the system’s operation and support fact-based decision-making.


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