Julkaisu Tiina Kautio

Collective Management of Copyright – a Good Governance Perspective

Cupore Fact Sheet 7

In Finland, there are seven collective management organisations (CMOs) that administer copyright on behalf of creators and other rightholders in their respective fields. Their activities affect both rightholders and users of works in many ways. It is therefore important that they operate in an appropriate, reliable and balanced manner.

The Act on the Collective Management of Copyright lays down obligations regarding the transparency and accountability of CMOs and the participation of rightholders in their activities. The realisation of these objectives can be assessed using the principles of good governance.

The fact sheet presents key findings of Cupore’s previous publications regarding good governance principles and collective management of copyright. It addresses

– the different characteristics of good governance in the context of collective rights management,

– key figures on the representativeness of CMOs and remunerations paid in 2020, and

– findings on whether the CMOs operate in accordance with the principles of good governance after the entry into force of the Act on the Collective Management of Copyright.

The fact sheet is also available in Finnish.

Tiina Kautio 2022. Collective Management of Copyright – a Good Governance Perspective. Cupore Fact Sheet 7. Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore.

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