The road to an inclusive city: cultural diversity, participation and accessibility

EspooCult Fact Sheet 4

The EspooCult research project looked at cultural services and recreational activities as means to increase people’s opportunities to get their voices heard, boost their self-esteem and participate in the activities of local communities. The fourth fact sheet was created in cooperation with KEA European Affairs, the research centre that acted as the international research partner in the EspooCult project.

The two-year EspooCult research project looks into Espoo as a city of culture. The study will provide a solid knowledge base for the development of the city. The study was commissioned by the Cultural Unit of the City of Espoo and conducted by the Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore. The research project was launched in January 2018. As research progresses, a total of four fact sheets will be published. The first fact sheet was published on 26 April 2018, the second on 11 December 2018, the third on 28 May 2019 and the fourth on 16 January 2020.

Project researchers