Opinions of the General Public on the Copyright System

Cupore conducts a research project on public perceptions on the operation of the copyright system during the years 2019 and 2020. The project is a part of the project portfolio Assessment of the Finnish Copyright System, whose purpose is to conduct a continuous assessment on the basis of annually changing themes.

Copyright issues involve general public more than before due to recent technological developments. Copyrighted content is widely available through various internet services and media. Digital content is also shared on internet platforms, and new content is created on the basis of works made by others. All this may create uncertainty on how to lawfully use and share digital content.

The project examines several interrelated topics. It focuses on the opinions and views on the copyright system, copyright knowledge, as well as authorized and unauthorized use of copyrighted works. The roles of the general public as end-users as well as creators and intermediaries of works are being covered.

The collection of data is conducted using survey methodology. The aim is to produce objective and reliable information for public discussion and the purposes of political decision-making.

Tiina Kautio
Tiina Kautio Project Manager

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Katja Oksanen-Särelä
Katja Oksanen-Särelä Researcher

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Jukka Kortelainen
Jukka Kortelainen Researcher (on leave)

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Ari Kurlin
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