New animations on the assessment of the copyright system’s operation

News   27.6.2018  

Cupore has created a methodology for evaluating the operation of the copyright system in different countries. The methodology is freely available to researchers and policy-makers. This animation introduces this tool to anyone interested in copyright.

The copyright system is a combination of stakeholders, processes, rules and policies, with an important economic, cultural and social role. At the same time, copyright systems are complex and their operating environment changes rapidly, which makes it difficult to assess their operation.

This is why a methodology for assessing the operation of copyright systems was developed at Cupore. It was designed to support the formulation of copyright and related rights policies and strategies, increase transparency and provide information for public discussion on copyright policy.

More information:


The animation is also available in Finnish.

Another video explains how the methodology can be used by policy-makers (in English and in French).