Survey on Livelihood of Artists

News   17.9.2019  

The theme of this year’s Arts and Culture Barometer is the livelihood of artists. Data for the barometer is gathered by means of an online survey that is open to artists working in all fields of the arts.

The purpose of the barometer is to explore the livelihood of artists from the following perspectives:

  • income types for artistic work
  • the importance of entrepreneurial and business activities
  • the importance of copyrights and grants
  • other significant income and support networks for working as an artist
  • structures that promote the livelihood of artists
  • the status of the artist in society.

Take the survey:

Please submit your responses by 30 September 2019. Approximately 20 minutes is required to complete the survey. The link to the survey can be shared freely.

After completing the survey, you can participate in a prize drawing for the chance to win a €500 gift certificate.

All responses are treated confidentially so that the information provided by individual respondents is not identifiable.

The results will be published online in spring 2020, and a forum will be organised to discuss the theme in April 2020.

The Arts and Culture Barometer is conducted annually by the Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore in collaboration with the the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) since 2015. This year’s survey marks the fifth year of the barometer. The themes of previous barometers have been the operating environment and funding of the arts in Finland, the changing work situation of artists, young artists, and the mobility of art and artists.

Further information:

Maria Hirvi-Ijäs, Senior Researcher
Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (Cupore)
t. +358 50 463 5575

Kaija Rensujeff, Special Advisor
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
t. +358 295 330 721

Sakarias Sokka, Senior Researcher
Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (Cupore)
t. +358 50 387 2728

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash.