Survey on the operation of copyright societies

News   2.12.2020  

We ask artists and rightholders to answer our survey on how copyright societies operate.

Copyright societies (APFI, Filmex, Gramex, Kopiosto, Kuvasto, Sanasto, Teosto) have an important role in collecting and distributing revenues to artists and creators. We are now conducting a survey on how copyright societies operate in terms of transparency, inclusiveness, equity and accountability from their members’ point of view.

The survey is aimed at current or recent members of copyright societies, i.e. artists and rightholders whose rights are managed by a Finnish copyright society and who may receive copyright remuneration through them.

It should take about 5-10 minutes to answer the survey and you can answer in English, Finnish or Swedish.

The questionnaire is anonymous, and the results are reported in such a way that an individual respondent cannot be identified. The results will be publicized in research report in 2021.  


Researcher Nathalie Lefever, 050 304 8761,

Researcher Katja Oksanen-Särelä, 050 505 6414,

Read more about our research project on our web page.

Illustration: Tiina Paju