Cupore’s publication Festivals in Finland (2016) is a collection of case studies and research into festivals across Finland.  Comprising 31 chapters by Finnish researchers and experts in the festival field, Festivals in Finland investigates six themes: festivals as part of the country’s intangible heritage; festivals as placemakers; festivals as sites for participation; the festival audience; festivals and cultural policy; and the economic impact of festivals.

Festivals in Finland has been published in Finnish in Cupore’s publication series. Here you can download English summaries of all articles in the publication.

Read also Jennie Jordan’s comment on Festivals in Finland -publication, Focus on Finnish Festivals  (PDF, download HERE).

Original publication: Satu Silvanto (ed.) (2016). Festivaalien Suomi. Cuporen julkaisuja 29. Helsinki: Kulttuuripoliittisen tutkimuksen edistämissäätiö. ISBN 978-952-7200-14-8, ISSN 1795-1739.


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