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Impacts of festivals and cultural events on cultural policies and local economies

  • Duration of the project: 2014 — 2016
  • Publications : 1

Cupore’s reseach project on festivals (2014-2016) aims at producing information and analysis on the Finnish cultural festival and events field from the point of view of cultural policies. The research project has supported the Ministry of Education and Culture’s process towards a national strategy and action plan for arts and cultural festivals and events in Finland, released in December 2016.

So far, Cupore has produced research reports on the impacts of state subsidies and policies on festivals and their cultural policy impacts and the knowledge base on cultural events and festivals. To support the Ministry’s strategy working group, Cupore has produced a report on the normative framework around organizing cultural events and a comparative analysis on European festival strategies and policies. IN December 2016  a collection of articles called Festivals in Finland, was published (in Finnish) as part of the project. The publication looks at festivals in particular as platforms of exchange and development.

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