As an artist in Finland

A registry-based research on the situation of professional artists

As an artist in Finland is a research project on the situation and societal status of professional artists working in Finland. Cupore will collaborate in the research with Statistics Finland, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. In addition, various stages of the research are collaborated together with artists' associations, grant-making foundations and copyright organizations. The research will be conducted in 2021–2024.

The objective of the research is to provide a solid and diverse information basis on the employment situation and social status of professional artists in Finland. The research will answer questions related to size, composition and societal status of the professional artists in Finland in 2019. The aim is to repeat the analysis for 2021.

Implementation of the research project

In the project, the professional artists are examined in the light of registry data. The main source of information for the research is Statistics Finland's registers, which cover the entire population of Finland. Statistics Finland's registers are limited and supplemented by the registers of the collaborating artists' associations and grant-making foundations.

The professional artists are limited from the registry data by four criteria, which are a membership of a trade union/interest organization, receiving compensation as an artist, training of artists and receiving a grant.

In addition to the registry research, separate reports are carried out to answer the information needs identified in the registry analysis as well as in previous research. The topics of these reports relate, among other things, to the preconditions for professional activity in different fields of art, the diversity and interrelationships of the fields of art and the livelihoods and sources of income of artists. In 2022 Cupore will carry out a research on the financing, structures and development needs of the visual arts. The results of the study will be published in 2023. In addition, a study will be carried out on the cultural activities of municipalities as part of the development of visual art structures. The project will be implemented in 2022–2023.

As a result of the project, statistics, working papers and research reports will be published. The results will be published on Cupore website, where they are freely available for download. Statistics are published on the Information page for data and statistics on Cupore website.

In addition to the As an Artist in Finland project, many other Cupore research projects also examine artists and their operating conditions. These include e.g. an annual Arts and Culture Barometer, monitoring the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic and a broader review of the distribution of public funding across different art fields and domains.

Together, the mentioned projects create an overall picture of the artists' community, the working conditions of artists and the operating environment of art in Finland.

Research team consists of senior researchers Maria Hirvi-Ijäs (responsible for the project) and Sakarias Sokka and researchers Vappu Renko, Emmi Lahtinen, Ari Kurlin Niiniaho and Olli Jakonen.

As an artist in Finland project’s timetable

Maria Hirvi-Ijäs
Maria Hirvi-Ijäs Senior Researcher

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Sakarias Sokka
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Vappu Renko
Vappu Renko Researcher

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Emmi Lahtinen
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Olli Jakonen
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