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State funding for culture in Finland

  • Duration of the project: 2020
  • Publications : 2

At Cupore, we collect information on the funding allocated to culture by the state.

Our goal is to produce transparent and easily accessible information on arts and culture funding, and to develop methodologies and knowledge bases for longitudinal tracking of public cultural funding.

Since spring 2020, we have applied the framework of the EU’s statistical authority EuroStat’s ESSNet final report (2012) on cultural domains as a lens for examining state cultural funding. The application of this framework allows for the comparison of funding allocated to cultural domains through different financing channels. It also gives us a better understanding of the scale of cultural funding than what has been produced by the administration itself. In the project, we also explore ways in which other administrative sectors besides the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) understand, name, and fund cultural activities.

In the first phase of the research, we examined state cultural funding using the financial statements for the year 2019. As supplementary materials, we also used other documents reporting on cultural support, such as listings of grants by agencies and other expert bodies. As a result of this phase, in 2021 we published working papers ‘Possibly Culture? State Cultural Funding in Finland in 2019’ and ‘Proceeds from Gambling Activities for Culture in 2019: Amount and Allocations’.

In 2022, we published the working paper ‘Creative Sector COVID Supports in 2020 and 2021: Allocations and Overview’ and an information booklet describing the totality of state cultural funding, ‘State Funding for Culture’.

In autumn 2023, we will publish a summary information card of the project’s key findings, along with recent data on Business Finland’s cultural funding.

During 2024, we will again conduct a comprehensive survey of state cultural funding, based on the funding realized in 2023.

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