Compact information package about the development of the Finnish copyright system

News   28.2.2019  

Kautio, Tiina & Lefever, Nathalie (2019). Developing the Finnish Copyright System. Cupore Fact Sheet 6.

Copyright questions stimulate public debate and are often addressed from a specific angle. Cupore’s new fact sheet helps to understand the multi-dimensional nature of the copyright system and its development areas.

The copyright system is undergoing major transformations which directly impact every citizen and creator. Digitalization has created a shift in the markets for cultural goods, creative processes and means of access. The copyright system needs to adapt to the new forms of interaction and creation.

Cupore has published a new fact sheet discussing knowledge-based development of the Finnish copyright system. The fact sheet highlights important aspects for maintaining the system’s efficiency and balance. It also summarizes the work made at Cupore to assess the Finnish copyright system’s operation.

A copyright system is a combination of processes, rules and policies, and it involves different kinds of actors. Copyright questions are also intertwined with different aspects of society, such as freedom of expression, education and employment. This is why it is important to understand the copyright system in its entirety.

“Our latest publication summarizes how the Finnish copyright system works and how it can be assessed. For over 10 years, we have been working in Cupore to assess the operation of national copyright systems. I hope this fact sheet attracts interest in our earlier research and publications.” describes project manager Tiina Kautio.

Developing the Finnish Copyright System (copyright fact sheet in English)

The publication is connected to the work made at Cupore to assess copyright systems’ operation, carried out since 2009. The work provides information for decision-makers, increases the transparency of the system and encourages public discussion on copyright policy.