Cupore's publications

Cupore's publication activities started in 2004. Currently Cupore has three different publications series: Cupore's publications (ISSN 1795-1739) for printed publications, Cupore's web publications (ISSN 1796-9263) for online publishing in PDF format (since 2007) and Cupore's working papers (ISSN 2343-2284) for preparatory and feasibility studies, progress reports, literature reviews etc. (since 2016). Cupore also publishes research results in co-operation with project partners as joint publications in other publication series.

The majority of Cupore's publications are in Finnish. Here you will find all our publications, wheter our own publications or those published with partners, that have either been published in English and/or have English summaries. For a complete picture of our publication activities, have a look at our Finnish publications page.

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